Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ubud to Air Saneh on the north coast

Enquiries indicated a relatively standard price for the exactly 2 hour trip from Ubud to Air Sanih on the north coast of 250,000 Rp (about A$33), and the Tjampuhan was quoting 300,000 Rp (A$40). The cost of a public bus would have been about 20,000 Rp according to our driver whom we ended up hiring through the Tjampuhan. Although we paid all of the money to the driver he told us he was obliged to pay a commission (he described is as "a kind of thanksgiving") to the hotel. No doubt the journey could have been achieved more cheaply, however our driver was a lovely guy whose English was good. The photo is someone else's, and is of the ubiquitous Toyota Kijang.


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