Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kaki lima at cremation ceremony, near Ubud, Bali

Mobile food vans sat on the sides of the space, and many people sat around, some eating, and chatting. I paid one of the kaki lima men A$0.42 for two serves of satay, which came with some sticky rice out of a package crafted from some leaves or other and which was not particularly to my taste. The satay, though, was fantastic. I remembered one of my friends swearing that excellent peanut sauce was possible by the combination of peanut butter and tomato sauce, to taste. That must be so wrong. Satay sauce in Bali is beautifully complex, hot, and smokey. It is said to be important to use the coals of coconuts for grilling satay. For my twenty-one cents I did not get a lot of meat.


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