Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cremation Ceremony, near Ubud, Bali

Whilst in Ubud, I went with the same Nyoman I went visiting the rice paddies with to a nearby village to witness the mass public cremation of many many bags of bones, exhumed from the graves where they had been resting pending cremation. August is a prime time for cremation apparently, being particularly dry. There were perhaps 15 other tourists there. I politely hung back towards the back of the crowd, and the photos I am about to unveil are masterpieces of cropping out elbows, sunhats and the like. A Japanese woman introduced me to the unipod, a tripod with one leg, and marched around taking photos of what she liked as if she were an official wedding photographer. I find some people's willingness to take photos of people as if they were zoo animals, without a word of conversation to be astonishingly rude. She was one of them.


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