Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ayung River

Ayung River
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We went via the Ayung River where rubber rafting is offered. Climbing down a steep hill, we passed an old lady who seemed to be making heavy progress with a folded rubber raft balanced on her head. Nyoman told me that the thing weighed 80 kg, her job was to carry it across a kilometre of vertiginous hills, and her recompense would have been in the order of A$2.

We waded through what might have been the same river, and ended up going past Taman Bebek, the former home of Made Wijaya, and before him, Colin McPhee, the ethnomusicologist who wrote "A House in Bali", one of the standard accounts of 1930s Bali. It was nice walking through the little villages early in the morning.


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