Sunday, November 06, 2005

Beheadings galore

The severed head of a man thought to be a Buddhist monk was found on a beach in the south of Thailand, where a moslem majority has long felt hard done by (see my earlier post on the question). Martial law has been extended down there, north of Malaysia.

Meanwhile, 3 teenage Christian girls were beheaded in their school uniforms in Muslim - Christian violence perpetrated by hooded men dressed in black who went to work with machetes (though maybe it was two men on motorcyles and two-way radios). A blog titled "Dog Pundit" has the photos from the town in Central Sulawesi. I will not post the link so that you have to do something more decisive than click on it to see the gruesome photos.

This is an area where 2,000 people -- twice the number of US casualties in Iraq, and 22 times the number of Australians killed in the Bali bombings -- died in sectarian violence, before it "quietened down".


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