Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bali and bicycles

The photo is from a fellow Melbourne salaryman, the 55 year old Christopher Laycock. Some of his other Bali photos are here.

This is a better than average travelblogue by Neil Pollock, several years old now. Apparently you can coast downhill from Ubud to Kuta in less than an hour.

Here's a 2004 article from The Sydney Morning Herald by Andrew Bain.

The Bali Cycling Federation's website is here.

The account of another spinning vacation is here at the site of J. Gaerlan, another Bali cycling enthusiast.

I tried but unsuccessfully to paste this beautiful photo of an old bike in Bali from Max Wheeler in Canberra into this post. He has a beautiful site with just a few great photos of Bali seemingly scattered throughout the site.

Finally, Norman D. Ford, a Yank with a proselytising zeal for independent bicycle touring, records his thoughts here, and links usefully to this page with a great deal of information about bicycle touring.


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