Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Times Asia's Review of the new Covarrubias book

Here is a review of the new book about Covarrubias I heralded earlier in my blog. An extract:
Covarrubias' newly revealed work in Bali stands among the finest of his career: his deceptively polished, Art Deco-inspired compositions and intensely colorful palette were a flexible medium for the artist to explore every aspect of life on the island. His portraits of Balinese women capture their frank sensuality without the overlay of leering orientalism frequently found in the work of other foreign artists in the tropics—perhaps because of the similarities between village life in Mexico and Bali. The paintings of the island's legendary dance performances are carefully observed yet imbued with a full measure of mystical atmosphere.
I must point out that no Balinese women I know look anything much at all like the one in the painting.


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