Friday, December 16, 2005

Food at Seraya Shores, Seraya Berat, East Bali

There is no menu, but it was relatively easy to influence what's for dinner. We asked for satay lilit (minced seafood satay) and water spinach, and tempeh, and that's what we got. I went to the Amlapura market with Susa and bought the ingredients, and then Miss K and I hung out in the kitchen with Susa and Wayan and learnt how water spinach is prepared (shallots, chilli, garlic), and taught Sussa and Wayan how to make hibiscus tea, to wit: remove the stamen from a hibiscus flower and pour boiling water over the petals, add sugar and lime juice; it goes from purpley black to bright red. Lunch can be whatever you like I expect, but we had salads and toasted sandwiches. Somehow or other I managed to wrangle food included in the room rate. Whereas in many places, that might be a curse, there it was not. (Food is so cheap in Bali that free food is something that tethers you psychologically but irrationally to eating the guff that comes free.)

The photo is of the dining bale. Night photography is like great, right, but what it does not show is the beautiful ocean which the bale gives onto. A nice place to eat.


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