Sunday, December 11, 2005

A yuppy's eggs

This has nothing to do with Bali. It has to do with Babka, a bakery and absurdly popular breakfastry on Brunchswick Street, Fitzroy. That's in Melbourne for all you Danes and Puerto Ricans. It only got through my very strict relevance test on the basis that it's about blogging, and is inherently amusing.

Some guy goes around enthusing or not enthusing about breakfasts he eats at super-expensive places around Melbourne. Pictured are his eggs, which were fantastic but didn't quite make up for the bad service. I wish I'd thought of the idea; then I'd be eating free breakfasts regularly at super-expensive restaurants and people would not have to suffer so service-obsessed a reviewer.

Complaints about service are a source of constant revulsion to me, and the point of this post is that they were a source of revulsion for this woman who almost certainly is not Marilyn Buck, and may or may not have been one of the waiters described by the blogger as "chick #1" to "chick #3".

Which just goes to show, you can never quite delete a comment.


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