Saturday, December 03, 2005

Apa Kabar Villas, Bunutan, Amed

We went to Apa Kabar Villas in Bunutan in the Amed area. We did not like it. Compared with the other little places we stayed, this was too hotel. There were more rooms than we expected, and we got dumped into one of the larger family suites with two bedrooms, one of which they locked on us so we couldn't mess it up presumably. There were weird French magazines with erotic comics in them along with English teen zines. The room was very dark. The rooms with a loft are much nicer, but some guest had broken the lock checking out and it wasn't fixed by the time we arrived. Though I would have been happy to inhabit a room whose lock was being fixed, we did not get a choice. When the lock was fixed, they gave the room away to a French couple. The gardens were beautiful, but the cafe was pretty backpacker, with no emphasis on Balinese cuisine. A man we met on the beach told us the whole village hated the greedy owner, and for some reason I believed him. And, they got me to sign for the room rate being $US100 a night when in fact I had booked at a lesser rate. There was a room with two computers connected to the internet. The connecttion over there was so slow that I could hardly bear to use it. We didn't like it and left after one instead of two nights. There were dramas about the second night's room fee.


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