Monday, December 05, 2005

Abdul Aziz - The Book - "The Artist and His Art"

Well, here's another book just out about an artist in Bali, but this time it's a Javanese, Abdul Aziz. He made violins as well as painting and sculpting.

www.artistabdulaziz.comis heavy on hyperbole -- it seems a great shame to put the words "remarkable" and "virtuosity" next to each other. Nor should "genius" appear anywhere near "Indonesian" when next to "Mona Lisa" but what the hell, it's written by his wife. The book can be yours for only $US70. Thanks go to Bali Discovery Tours' Bali Update for this story.


Anonymous Barrie said...

Interesting as his work is, I still wouldn't lay out top dollar to buy the deluxe edition of his book.

12:14 am  

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