Friday, December 16, 2005

The pool at Seraya Shores, Seraya Berat, East Bali, after sundown


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there, thanks for all the usefull information in your Baliblog. I think you prepared your trip really well : the places you pick look like paradise !
Coudl I ask you something ? I am preparing our round trip for August 2006 and I am hesitating between staying at Seraya Shores and Amed. Seraya Shores seems such an idyllic place but are there any restaurants close by ? We won't have a car and I suppose taking a cab at night is not really possible there. Amed seems more practical for that reason, fi Blue Moon Villas? I hope you don't mind me asking you this !
Thanks again for your useful info.

Bart from Belgium
Email ;

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Blogger trappedinasuit said...

Hi Bart. Seraya Shores is in a completely untouristed little patch. There are great restaurants in Candi Dasa but they're at least 20 minutes' drive away. An Italian woman told me to go to Kedai. Sometimes the staff will take you as a pillion passenger, but I doubt they would do so to Candi Dasa at night. I'm sure there would be no problem at all getting a driver in a Toyota Kijang to take you by prior arrangement to Candi Dasa and wait for you, but it would make dinner into a bit of an expedition.

You are pretty much confined to the restaurant at the resort, which is no bad thing. I didn't take much notice of how much the meals were becausee I wrangled a rate inclusive of food, but I think they were reasonable. I recommend that you stay at SS for a few days, take the fantastically interesting coastal drive between there and Amed, and stay there a few days too. They're not far apart.

Amed is strung out along the coast for many kilometres, and even if you stay in the thick of things, you would still need a motorbike to get to many of the places you might want to go to eat. Nowhere in Bunutan really grabbed me as a place to eat. Everybody seems to like Blue Moon Villas. I met a woman who said a hotel with the words "Good Karma" was her long-standing favourite. Check what the situation is with beaches and so forth in August because I recall seeing places where the beach was completely washed away, though I was told that it washed right back with the change of seasons. There is one beach which is especially good for snorkelling, with a Japanese shipwreck, in Amed. If you're going there to snorkel you might want to stay in the vicinity of that beach rather than travelling to it every time you want to snorkel.

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