Saturday, December 03, 2005

Puri Bagus Ponjok Patu

There is a plasant restaurant near Pacang, 3, or 5 km from Cilik's, Puri Bagus Ponjok Batu. It is in the middle of nowhere really, though near Pura Ponjok Batu (a temple). A sign advertises it 3 km in advance, and then a similar sign points up a driveway. Although I had seen both, I did not manage to stop the bemo until the temple. At the temple, I met Kadek, a man with good English and a "broken down hand", a disability he was born with. He took me up to the restaurant in a quite unnecessary bit of guiding which probably earned him a commisssion and ended up with me buying him a beer when he sat down with me at the table and stayed there throughout my meal. I didn't mind; although he regaled me with stories of hardship, he did so apparently without expectation and without self-pity, and I thoroughly liked him. He told me that his father sired him when he was already old, by his second wife. When he was 5, a virus wiped out the family's source of income, the particularly sweet and juicy Tejakula oranages much loved by Jakartans. He went to school and studied hard; he had no pocket money and could eat only palm sugar which he took in his pockets.


Anonymous Filo said...

In August '07 we too found Kadek of the wounded wing. Herself found him a charming and VERY attentive fellow. I thought he was perhaps a bit too smitten by female attention for a priest.
We collected holy water from the spring for our friend, driver and Bali brother, Made. When we returned to Tuban later that day Made's wife K'toot began to purify everything in sight, Made, neighbours, daughter, grandchildren and 'the whole damn warung', to quote Made. The next day he achieved a dream of realising the deposit for a new vehicle after being without work since his previous 'Boss' went bunkroot following bomb 2 and lost his cars to the finance company.
Now his own boss Made will take a lot of convincing that the holy water is a myth.

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