Saturday, November 26, 2005

The ocean at Air Saneh, Bali

The sea stretches away to the horizon, just 30 tiny footsteps away, as though the sea were the largest pool possible to imagine, just across the lawn, either flat and undulating and sparkling, or, more often during our stay, with small waves breaking and then sloshing against the sea wall. The water is the warmest I have experienced anywhere, and you can use Cilik's snorkels and mask to swim out to a small coral reef 100 metres away. Apparently you can go out on a little fishing boat and there is better snorkelling. There is no beach although some sand is exposed at low tide. There is a metre or so of slippery rocks to navigate even at low tide (the room literature advises wearing "bathing slippers" if you happen to have included them in your packing list), and at high tide the water is high and the swell against the rocks sufficient to discourage swimming. Mind you, we left on the day of a full moon, and the tide was apparently at its highest when we were there, and Cilik is talking about clearing away the rocks to provide a more attractive entry to the ocean.


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