Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cilik's Beach Garden, Air Saneh, Bali

Cilik's Beach Garden has only four bungalows, not counting Cilik's family's house ("Born right here, live right here, hopefully not die right here"). Two are officially at "Just Beside Cilik's Beach Garden", but it's all one.

Cilik has been lucky. He was a bemo driver in Singaraja for many years, until Rudiger decided it would be nice to build a villa on Cilik's land. Now he and his venture capitalists are the employer of 9 staff at Air Saneh, more at Tejakula, 15 km away, where he is the manager of a new development of two bungalows; the investors in this new case are Americans. He says the gardens are better there, being closer to the mountains, and not so arid as Air Saneh's which do have a proliferation of cacti and thorny things, not entirely what one expects of Bali, but pleasant nonetheless.


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