Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cilik's Beach Garden, Air Saneh, Bali: best rooms

The four bungalows are the east and west villas (that is, Cilik's Beach Garden, an investment by a German, Dr Rudiger Krechlor, a doctor of linguistics), and the octagon and the lumbung (that is, Just Beside CBG, an investment by another German, Inge Croe). The east villa has by far the better garden and is removed from the other four buildings. It is easily the best lodging, but the octagon follows close behind, particularly if you are a couple.

I much prefer the octagon to the west bungalow, certainly if the lumbung is unoccupied (as it was for most of our stay). The lumbung (pictured) is probably a little overpriced. The upstairs is relatively small; the downstairs is a terrace, which is pleasant enough, but inferior to the generous bale provided in substitution for the octagon's lack of terrace.


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