Thursday, November 10, 2005

Casa Luna Cooking Class - I

I attended a cooking class given by Janet de Neefe at her Honeymoon Guesthouse. In an unusual turn up for the books, the guesthouse is nicer than its website makes it seem, and seems like a good place to stay. It is down a side street off the main road in Ubud, relatively well located. The staff spoke English really well.

Most of the rest of the students were from Perth, though there was one aristocratic English ski instructress who lives in the Alps, and an Italienne from near Venice who was staying at the Waka di Ume. She raved about all the Waka resorts in Bali; I marvelled at her willingness to pay their rates.

The class started very late. Several people had raced the clock to get there by 9.30 a.m., including a couple who had driven up from Tuban (the suburb of Kuta's airport) that morning. Although everybody was relatively well acquainted with one another by virtue of the enforced camaraderie of waiting for half an hour while seated around a table, all 15 people were required to introduce themselves in a few words.

Thanks go to someone whose name is probably Tina Gale for the photo, and from whose site I intend to steal the rest of the photos illustrating this part of my blog. She has lots of Bali photos at her site.


Blogger Sex is not the enemy said...

um yer i jus searched blogs, with "waka di ume" to c wot i could find n its funny since all the waka resorts r owned by my unlce, but yer, lol.

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