Saturday, July 09, 2005

Javanese language

Javanese is a classical language of the world with a literature going back 12 centuries. It is said to have some religious use in Bali. Only eleven languages have more people who speak it as a native tongue. One of its peculiarities is that its consonants written out:
ha, na, ca, ra, ka
da, ta, sa, wa, la
pa, dha, ja, ya, nya
ma, ga, ba, tha, nga
are a poem meaning:
"There (were/was) warriors
(They) had animosity (among each other)
(They were) equally powerful (in fight)
Both (were) dead."
The Javanese are powerful in Indonesia. Forty-five percent of Indonesians live in an area where Javanese is the principal language, or are of Javanese descent. Four of the five Presidents of Indonesia have been Javanese (though Sukarno's mother (that is, Megawati's grandmother) was Balinese, Gus Dur is part Javanese and part Arabic, and it is sometimes speculated that Soeharto's father was Chinese).


Blogger goblogk said...

It was Soekarno's mother who was Balinese.

Soeharto's father was Chinese but that's another story in itself.

Gus Dur is part Javanese and part Arabic.

Megawati is 1/4 Balinese

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