Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Online Information About Bali

Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree is the best travel forum I have come across, but it does not have the breadth of the specialist Bali forums. It has 1652 posts today across Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. It is more international in focus than the Australian dominated specialist forums, and does not descend into the minutiae of where to save a few rupiahs on pirated DVDs in the same way as the somewhat cliquey specialist forums. Half-way between the two is a home-made but very extensive site, Filo's Bali.

Bali and Lombok Travel Forum is good. Posts known as "JBRs" (Just Back Reports) are posted by "Forumites", and it is searchable. It is associated with Bali Hotels & Accommodations Co, which has its website here. Its principal, Mark Austin, seems to be having a tremendous fight with John Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours. He gets stuck into Daniels in a manner so defamatory as to make Steven Mayne of Crikey.com blush, at a website he rudely registered: balidiscovery.org.uk. It would be surprising given the tone and content of Fugly Bali if Austin were not behind it too. Though a bit hysterical, it does contain some interesting information, including an analysis of the Suharto children's alleged resort holdings in Bali. Daniels has a bit back at Austin here.

Daniels publishes a weekly subscription newsletter which has the occasional article of interest and several articles each week about current events, the tourism industry, and new hotels and bars opening up.

Wikipedia is great. It is particularly good for summarising years of newsarticles: see, for example, the article on Schapelle Corby and the Bali Bombings.

Made Wijaya's website Stranger in Paradise is good.

Then there is Mic's Bali Forum.

Murni's Warung, by the bridge across the Oos River on the way to the Tjampuhan Hotel in Ubud has this great website with a lot of information about Murni's take on Balinese culture. Equally good is a site seemingly associated with Bill Dalton, the author of Moon's Bali Hadbook. Indo.com's Ubud information is quite good.

There's information about up market accommodation, things to do, and spas at Smart Travel Asia with links to everything mentioned, collected together at the end. It also has my first experience of a phenomenon I have just been waiting to hit me: gamelan/new age fusion.

Needless to say, also see the links section of this blog.


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