Sunday, October 30, 2005

Two Great English Language Cultural Magazines About Indonesia and Bali: Latitudes and Bali Echo

I mentioned Bali Echo in my last post. Very late in my surfings of the net, I have found the back issues of Latitudes, and Bali Echo, and learnt that they both seem to come from the same publisher. I read many a back issue of Latitutdes in Bali, and Cilik's Beach Garden's octagon room had a goodly number of Bali Echo back issues. They are absolutely worth reading. Latitudes is a kind of arts and culture magazine for the whole of Indonesia, and is one of the few repositories of detailed information about the more than 10,000 smaller islands of Indonesia about which one typicallly hears nothing. Bali Echo dubs itself "Tourism, Art and Culture Magazine". Both appear now to be defunct. What is old and not updated falls away from prominence on the net. It would be a shame if these great internet resources were forgotten.


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