Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tenggiri: Spanish Mackeral (?) (Fish and bicycles)

The things you can find on the net! The little fish, unaffordable to many Balinese, but served ubiquitously in tourist restaurants, is described in great detail here, at a site apparently devoted to the disambiguation of fish, a roadmap through the maze of vernacular names for fish, a taxonomist's nightmare, but a delight to those dark creatures who generate the encyclopaedic lists and databases of cyberspace.

It was from the comfort of our airconditioned Toyota Kijangs that I often wished I were out on my bike able to stop for something as trivial as to get a good look at a fresh tenggiri in a bucket for sale by the side of the road, or something as important as going down a side road which a driver could not imagine me to be interested in.

Had I been out in the dusty and yet oppressively humid heat cycling along the grass may have been greener inside the imagined interior of the Toyota Kijangs whizzing by, but maybe not. I am a meanderer and a frequent stopper as Miss K attests frustratedly.


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