Friday, October 14, 2005

Terror police tighten bomb dragnet - The Age

Terror police tighten bomb dragnet - World -

The last paragraph of this story reports that:
"Indonesia's Tourism Minister, Jero Wacik, said the response to the bombings was positive. Three years ago there was a mass exodus of 10,000 from Bali, while this time 2611 people left the day after the attack. But some who planned Christmas holidays in Bali are cancelling. About 250 package bookings for January have been cancelled."

It is worth remembering amidst all the articles which say that tourism in Bali was just getting back to normal before the latest bombings, that the highest number of visitor arrivals for six months, ever, had been recorded. There were certainly no accommodation discounts to be had because of too few "guests" (as Balinese tend to call tourists) when I was there in August.


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