Sunday, September 25, 2005

Steve McCurry: a man whose website has no photos of Bali, and may never have been there

The Swanker, whose blog is about South East Asia (when he calls himself Macam-Macam, anyway) had a good reason to feature a post about Steve McCurry. I don't, except that I like his photos, and you probably will too. His most famous portrait is of Sharbut Gula, recently tracked down by National Geographic.

But his photos are so good, and the story of Gula so interesting, that I thought I would shamelessly copy the Swanker, and put up a link to his site.

Don't worry, these little excursions will be swamped in time by more to the point posts to those 35 of you who might conceivably be interested in how beautiful I found the rice paddies near Ubud, or how we ate baked fish wrapped up in the leaf of a pandanus palm.

[Thanks to National Public Radio in the US for the photo.]


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