Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hotel Tjampuhan Reception, Ubud, Bali

The Tjampuhan is a magnificent hotel. It has none of the things necessary for 5 star status, but it could hardly be improved (except by the provision of even more adequate lighting for reading). It is amazing that 4 nights at such a place may be the subject of an A$1,000 package from Melbourne in high season.

Each room is spacious and has a series of perfectly clean plate glass windows framing a view of the beautiful gardens. Like many Balinese hotels, it is designed so that no room can see another, and each has a view. Ours was a particularly lovely view (Gunung 6; it's the room closest to reception). So vertiginous is the hill on which the hotel is situated that each building (two rooms up and two down) lies beneath, and out of the line of sight of, the other.

The restaurant does not seem particularly well frequented for dinner, but does a good free breakfast in the style of expensive hotels anywhere, with banana pancakes on the menu, and, if you want it, fried rice (nasi goreng).

If you have a mobile phone, the hotel has a particular advantage. Four free hotel shuttle busses trundle around the relatively small centre of Ubud, and its environs. A call to reception results in very prompt arrival of one of the buses. In a town inexplicably without taxis centred around one very long road and featuring many hills, it is a good thing. Those without mobile phones can just ring from the nearest shop. I say there are no taxis, but there are millions of "transport" and "ojek", vans and motor bikes wanting to take you wherever, but it's a negotiation each time.


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Looks like a great hotel. I really like your blog and photos of Bali.

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