Monday, September 05, 2005

Aceh, an aircrash, and Pete Loud

Well it seems as though there has again been a terrible air disaster in Sumatra, poor old Sumatra. I wondered whether as well as two terrible air disasters Aceh might have been in Sumatra. I googled and found this site by a man who appears to be a great eccentric fascinated by fiddles, engineering, the amateur cartography of warzones, and the sea and sailing. He also has great maps of Indonesia. Aceh is indeed in Sumatra, and the aircrash was in the same area today. The budget airline was owned by the Indonesian military. If you're very bored, check out this "Traveller's tale no. 27; Down and Out in Jalan Jaksa", the very quintessence of eccentric British engineers' travel writing. Also well worth the visit is his photograph of a man swallowed by a snake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since you saw my website in 2005 I have added many good photographs. It is much more interesting now.

Pete Loud

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